How to Deal with Vein Issues

Young people don’t often think about varicose veins, but more than likely, as they get older, they will experience this problem firsthand. Most people as they get older do. However, what to do about this particular situation is often difficult for people to figure out. The truth is that this sort of vein condition isn’t life-threatening, but it can be quite embarrassing and, in some cases, they can cause a great deal of discomfort.

The first thing a person will need to do when they are experiencing varicose veins is to consider the situation. Some people are extremely self-conscious about this popping up on their legs. Some people could care less. In these situations, a person doesn’t necessarily have to do anything about an issue with a varicose vein, especially if they aren’t in pain.

However, there are people that are extremely self-conscious, and there are also times when this condition can cause a great deal of discomfort. It can cause aching and swelling in the legs and make doing anything difficult. This pain could be more pronounced when a person is standing up, but even sitting down, the throbbing and the aching may still continue.


The good thing about varicose veins treatments is how easy they are to treat. There are times where significant varicose vein issues will require surgery. This is typically where the problem vein is removed. Fortunately, surgery is more the exception rather than the rule. There are actually quite a few innocuous treatments that doctors offices, as well as special vein clinics, can offer to people to help eliminate one or many problematic varicose veins.

One particular treatment is called sclerotherapy. In this type of treatment, a sclerosant agent is injected directly into the vein. What this does is closes off the vein and causes it to collapse in on itself. Once this is done, over the next few days, the vein will simply disappear. This can be done for large varicose vein issues and it can also be done for spider vein.

There are also procedures to deal with problematic varicose vein issues using lasers as well as using radio frequencies. This is perfect for people that have an aversion to needles, and is a bit less invasive. However, regardless of whether it’s standard sclerotherapy or the use of lasers or radio frequencies, neither of these procedures are going to cause anyone much pain at all.

If you’re dealing with a problematic varicose vein, or you have many of these veins that are unsightly and uncomfortable, there are effective treatments that can make a great deal of difference in how your legs feel and look. Talking to a doctor can help you to determine what treatment is right for you.


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